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The eccentric start-up entrepreneur Gregory Hollister invested most of his money in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. When he dies in an accident, the hunt for his private fortune begins. The paranoid Californian hid it well. Where is this digital treasure, which the media is already referring to as Montecrypto?

Hollister’s sister and prospective heir hires private detective Ed Dante to track down the missing money. Dante investigates and soon discovers that quite a few people are after Montecrypto. Which isn’t exactly surprising considering the rumored sum of several billion dollars – but the other seekers aren’t ordinary treasure hunters. Why are foreign intelligence services, the FBI, and the Mafia interested in the treasure? Dante recognizes that Hollister’s legacy consists of more than just a pile of digital coins. It’s possible that Montecrypto is the key to a vast financial scandal that could pull the entire world economy into the abyss. A global search begins that reaches from Los Angeles via New York and Frankfurt, all the way into Switzerland’s so-called “Crypto Valley.”

Montecrypto is incredibly suspenseful while at the same time addressing important questions of our times: Who will have the money in the future? And who will have the power?

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  • Publisher: KiWi-Paperback
  • Release: 04.03.2021
  • 448 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-462-00157-0
Heike Bogenberger

Tom Hillenbrand

Tom Hillenbrand is the author of numerous nonfiction books and novels, including the culinary thrillers featuring Luxembourg chef Xavier Kieffer as an investigator. One million copies of his books have been sold, they have won multiple awards, appear regularly on the SPIEGEL bestseller list and were translated into numerous languages.

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