The Hypnotist

Or Never so Happy as in the Realm of Ideas

  • How do you travel when travel is forbidden? An entertaining novel about a hypnotist who starts a Mental Travel Agency and about the power of escapism
  • Recommended by New Books in German (Spring 2022)
  • English sample translation by Simon Pare available

A village somewhere in the easternmost part of East Germany, sometime during the last days of the Socialist State. Cozy stagnation is the status quo: Everyone knows everyone; it feels like you’re on the margins of the country and also a bit on the margins of socialist society.

Then Micha, who has been kicked out of university, moves in with his grandmother and the village starts noticing that more and more odd birds from Berlin are also showing up – artists and students, primarily young women. Rumors begin to shake up the tranquil village. According to them, a sect is emerging and trips to the West are being organized from the farmhouse.

As it turns out, Micha has a gift: He can hypnotize people and thus make their dreams of Paris or California come true. Micha himself, though, is constantly coming up against the limits of the real world – the Stasi is keeping a wary eye on his Mental Travel Agency and they will use any excuse to stop this subversive behaviour.

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  • Publisher: Galiani-Berlin
  • Release: 10.02.2022
  • 208 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-86971-254-3
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Der Hypnotiseur oder Nie so glücklich wie im Reich der Gedanken
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Jakob Hein

Jakob Hein, was born in 1971. He holds a PhD in medical sciences and works as a psychiatrist and writer. Since 1998 he has been part of Berlin's literature scene performing at the Kaffee Burger club and other cult locations. He has published 14 books to date, including the bestseller Herr Jensen steigt aus (2006) and most recently Die Orient-Mission des Leutnant Stern (2018). He also writes theatre plays and screenplays.