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Wherever the world is on fire, star reporter Tom Hagen is right there on the frontlines, willing to take any risk – his reports come straight out of hell. Until he overplays his hand in Afghanistan: A release of hostages ends in disaster and in a single, gruelling night, he loses everything—his reputation, his money and his future. Three years later, an opportunity for a comeback presents itself in Israel when someone leaks information from the Israeli domestic intelligence service.
Yet what promises to be a journalistic coup sets in motion a deadly chain of events and develops into a hunt across the most explosive region of the world. Fleeing from secret agents and killers, Hagen fights for his very survival — against a conspiracy whose roots reach back to colonial Palestine, to an era suffused with myths, to the time when the seeds of the conflict in the Middle East were sown…
Breaking News is a rousing thriller set against the backdrop of an epic saga. In the late 1920s, two families emigrate to Palestine — into a world ruled by legends, battles and hopes, where Jews, Arabs and the British colonial rulers are engaged in a bitter struggle for supremacy. Across generations, up to the present day, both families reflect and shape Israel’s development.
When Hagen finds an unexpected ally in the young doctor Yael Kahn, he realizes that his own fate is also inextricably intertwined with the country’s history. Yet, with Yael at his side, his problems are really only just beginning.
Breaking News is a thriller, political drama and family saga — tough, fast-paced and moving.

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  • Publisher: Kiepenheuer&Witsch
  • Release: 06.03.2014
  • 976 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-462-04527-7
Paul Schmitz;

Frank Schätzing

Frank Schätzing, born in 1957 in Cologne, studied communication, worked as a copywriter in international agencies and is the co-founder of the Cologne-based advertising agency Intevi. In the 90s, he began to write novellas and satires and in 1995 he published the historical novel Tod und Teufel which first became a regional and later a nationwide bestseller. After two more novels and a collection of short stories, in 2000 Lautlos was published, a political thriller about the 1999 world economic forum, which was praised in the press as “a dazzling snap-shot of the late millennium”. His national and international breakthrough came in the spring of 2004 with his novel Der Schwarm. Since its first publication more than 4.5 million copies have been sold and it was published in 26 countries. His latest thriller Breaking News was published in March 2014, followed by The Butterfly´s Tyranny (2018) and his actual non fiction Besteller What, if We simply Changed the World? on climate change (2021). Frank Schätzing lives and works in Cologne.