The Earth Is Only Blue From Space

  • Ulla Hahn Prize 2021
  • Recommended for translation by New Books in German (Spring 2021)
  • English sample translation available

It's the summer of 1994, post-reunification, and 13-year old Sascha's world is limited to the boundaries of Klein Krebslow, a prefabricated housing estate. Given to daydreaming and collecting unique words in foreign languages, he does not seem to fit in. Apart from his best friend Sonny, who plays the piano and worships Elton John, he has no one to confide in.

Then Juri appears - a mysterious girl who seems to know everything about the stars and origins of the universe but refuses to talk about where she herself comes from. Sascha and Juri happen to witness the Pawelkes, the projects' nastiest thugs, beating up the development's resident crazy-old-man. There are all sorts of rumors about the man, Herr Reza, but Juri and Sascha come to realize that he has lots to tell. 

It is the beginning of a summer for the two of them that will change everything, and almost nothing will ever be the same again. 

“A book that manages to be both timeless and nostalgic. Before you even realize it, it has crept into your heart with its tender melancholy.” – Alina Bronsky 


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  • Publisher: Galiani-Berlin
  • Release: 11.02.2021
  • 352 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-86971-229-1
Cover Download Nur vom Weltraum aus ist die Erde blau
Nur vom Weltraum aus ist die Erde blau

Björn Stephan

Björn Stephan was born in 1987. As a reporter he writes for DIE ZEIT and occasionally for SZ-Magazin. His reportages have received numerous awards, including the German Social Award, Axel Springer Award, and German Reporter Award. Nur vom Weltraum aus ist die Erde blau is his literary debut.