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Foreign Rights

Fehlermeldung o.ä.

Rights Guide

Frankfurt 2018

New books Frankfurt 2018 (Fiction and Non-Fiction) – World Rights with Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

Rights Guide

Spring 2019

New books Spring 2019 (Fiction and Non-Fiction) – World Rights with Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

New titles Literary Fiction

GRM Brainfuck

“Maybe the individual was never important. It just wasn’t quite as obvious as it is now.”


The Blue Whale of Memories

An impressive literary novel about a young woman’s quest for her identity, artfully interwoven with the life story of a forgotten Ukrainian national hero


Backwards Waltz

Another sharp, witty and warmhearted family saga by the bestselling author


The Inconspicuous Ones

Every family has its secrets but only in few of them the parents turn out to be spies – a novel inspired by the author’s true family story


Where We’re Going

Some friendships last longer than countries – a touching novel about friendship, loyalty and belonging


New titles Crime/Thriller

The Tower of Blue Horses

An art detective agency sets out to discover the secret around Franz Marc’s lost masterpiece The Tower of Blue Horses


The Valley in the Fog

In his fourth case, Commissario Johann Grauner has to deal with dark forces that cause mayhem far beyond the borders of South Tyrol


New titles Non Fiction

#13 Bestseller of the Week Non-Fiction List

One day, Lea Rieck quit her job, left her comfort zone and set out on a journey around the world. Eighteen months, fifteen countries, six continents and 90,000 kilometers – just her and her motorcycle, all alone.


Brecht – Novel of His Life

“I’ll show the world how it is – but how it really is.” In this book, Breloer turns this Brechtian manifesto on Brecht himself. And so, instead of introducing us to the classic author, he presents the human being, in the exciting, novel-like story of a life.


Backlist Literary Fiction

Shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2018

Who betrayed the family patriach? Was it one of his attractive, talented sons? Was it his ambitious, sorrowful daughter-in-law? A literary tour de force about a family secret whose evil power reaches all the way to the present.


Before the Beginning

April, 1945: In the final hours before all hell breaks loose, two German soldiers receive an assignment that takes them straight into the heart of danger. In an involuntary shared destiny, they set out to make their way across the ravaged city of Berlin.


Fräulein Nette’s Brief Summer

Karen Duves's laconic and mercilessly dissecting novel about the young poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff and the world of the last romantics, who collected German fairy tales while the good old order fell apart around them.


Backlist Crime/Thriller

Chocolate can be a bitter business...

Chef Xavier Kieffer meets an old friend and visits her in Brussels, in her new chocolate factory. Shortly after, she is brutally murdered. The traces lead to a mysterious plantation in West Africa.


Backlist Non Fiction

The Integration Paradox

Why successful integration leads to more conflict ‒ a thought-provoking impetus on the integration debate


My Algerian Family

A reportage about three generations of an Algerian family, revealing a country caught between tradition and modernity.