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Foreign Rights

Fehlermeldung o.ä.

Rights Guide

Fall 2018

New books Fall 2018 (Fiction and Non-Fiction) – World Rights with Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

Rights Guide

Spring 2017

New books Spring 2018 (Fiction and Non-Fiction) – World Rights with Kiepenheuer & Witsch.

Literary Fiction

Longlisted for the German Book Prize 2018

Who betrayed the family patriach? Was it one of his attractive, talented sons? Was it his ambitious, sorrowful daughter-in-law? A literary tour de force about a family secret whose evil power reaches all the way to the present.


Before the Beginning

April, 1945: In the final hours before all hell breaks loose, two German soldiers receive an assignment that takes them straight into the heart of danger. In an involuntary shared destiny, they set out to make their way across the ravaged city of Berlin.


Days With Ora

What to do when you want to fall in love but past deceptions are holding you back? Two urban neurotics take a spontaneous road trip on the West Coast to find out if they are made for each other.


The 21st-Century Idiot

Inspired by Goethe, Kleeberg's 21st-Century "West-Eastern Divan" combines different stories, points-of-view and cultural traditions to approach the big questions of our time


Grace and Cowardice

Love is not for cowards ‒ a story collection exploring the many facts of love, from seventh heaven to the heartbreaking moments of truth


Keyserlings Secret

A magnificent Künstlerroman about love and betrayal, a social scandal and fin-de-siècle bohemia



A woman confronts the ghosts of her family’s history and searches for traces of her dead father’s life


The Mindgamer

A moving novel about old age, friendship and how to overcome loneliness


Life is Very Time Consuming

When a memoir-writer accidently mixes up two biographies he starts doubting who's to trust in a life story - the writer or the person who has experienced it?


Graduation Ceremony

A Graduation Ceremony that reunites a blended family with their ex-spouses can only mean one thing: disaster is on the cards.


Georgia - Guest of honor 2018 Frankfurt book fair

Recent Backlist Literary Fiction

Upmarket Commercial Fiction

I was a Servant in the Hobbs Household

Verena Rossbacher's crime novels are brimming with psychological brilliance and spot-on humor. In her latest coup, an unreliable narrator explores the circumstances of an unexpected death in Zurich's high society.




Their sixth case leads the two female inspectors into the depths of a dark subculture, on the border between faith and occultism.



If artificial intelligence can solve the world’s problems – are we ready to give up control?


More than 200,000 copies sold!

Commissaire Dupin investigates in Brittany’s legendary Forêt de Brocéliande among eccentric researchers in pursuit of eternal fame


Last Ride

Perez investigates in Southern France, following the traces of modern treasure hunters and a mysterious club


The Big Plan

A gripping political thriller about the machinations of the “Euro rescuers” in the Greek debth crisis


Wolves on the Côte d’Azur

A conflict about the introduction of wolves in the French Alps takes Inspector Duval from the mountains to the Côte d’Azur


Trace of the Shadows

Leander Lost investigates in the Algarve in a gripping case that confronts him with Portugal’s colonial past


Non Fiction

The Integration Paradox

Why successful integration leads to more conflict ‒ a thought-provoking impetus on the integration debate


The Decline of the West

Germany’s former foreign minister delivers a detailed analysis of the shift of power and the new world order


My Algerian Family

A reportage about three generations of an Algerian family, revealing a country caught between tradition and modernity.


The Tank Aimed at Kafka

All of Heinrich Böll’s interviews and written statements and personal photographs on the Prague Spring


Fuck Beauty!

The ultimate guide to body-positivity that will change your life


In Search of Georg Forster

The biography of a revolutionary, explorer and philosopher who travelled with James Cook and established the first democratic state in Germany