Matthias Burchardt, Nora Hespers, Andrea Mayer

Yes? No?...Maybe! How to Handle Everyday Moral Conflicts

Ja? Nein? ... Jein!

Yes? No?...Maybe! How to Handle Everyday Moral Conflicts

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Can I talk to friends about sex escapades? Tell a colleague he has body odour? Can I go to a specialist store for advice and then buy the product cheaper on the internet? Give away presents I’ve received myself when I don’t like them? Life is full of situations that force us to make decisions we’d rather not make.

But how do you make a decision when there isn’t a “right” or “wrong”? And how do you explain such a decision?

This book describes everyday problems and presents them from different philosophical perspectives. Philosophy is obviously not the answer to all of our problems. But a dose of morals can sometimes work wonders when a good decision has to be made.

These three very unlike authors, one philosopher, one Buddhist and one football fan, have written both an entertaining and informative work that aims to put philosophy back where it comes from: in the normal, everyday madness of life.

About the Authors

Matthias Burchardt is a doctor of philosophy and teaches at the University of Cologne. His co-authors Nora Hespers and Andrea Mayer make a living as free-lance journalists.