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When Winter was still Winter - The History of a Season

Als die Winter noch Winter waren

When Winter was still Winter - The History of a Season

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The horror of eternal ice, the beauty of untouched landscapes, the longing for cold purity, the birth of mountaineering and winter sports – Bernd Brunner has written the first cultural history of winter

During the last two centuries, our relationship to winter has undergone a fundamental change. In the past, the weather dictated our life – but today we are largely independent of it. 2015 was the warmest year on record; instead of snowflakes, hazel pollen drifted lazily through the Christmas air. In some spots the almond trees were already blooming. Bernd Brunner embarks on a search for the stories and moods inspired by winter in different regions and times, going back as far as the Ice Age. The phenomena he encounters along the way are fascinating, but so are the people – like the American Wilson A. Bentley, a fan of snow, who devoted thousands of hours to painstakingly creating 5,381 photographs of snowflakes. Werner Herzog closely studied the snow as he hiked from Munich to Paris, making extensive notes about it in his diary.

But the dark side of snow also gets its due: the sense of disorientation brought on by winter wastelands, along with snow blindness, landslides, and the treacherous warmth of snow-enclosed spaces that keeps hibernating animals alive but can spell death for humans. Filled with insights from the history of perception and culture, Brunner’s book is an exciting and knowledgeable account of the mythology of winter.

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release: 13. October 2016
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For more than ten years, Bernd Brunner has written acclaimed, highly entertaining books on topics that inspire a mixture of scientific investigation and cultural inquiry. His books have been sold to numerous countries.

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