Joachim Meyerhoff

When Will it Finally Be Like it Never Was Again?

Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war

When Will it Finally Be Like it Never Was Again?

SPIEGEL bestseller (top 20 for over a year)
English sample translation available
Complete French and Spanish translation available
Recommended for translation by New Books in German (Spring 2013)
Longlisted for the German Book Prize 2013
Nominated for the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize 2013
Winner of the Euregio Students Literature Prize 2016
Winner of the Italian literature award „Premio Bottari Lattes Grinzane 2016” in the section "Il Germoglio”
Nicolas Born Debut Prize 2016
Carl Zuckmayer Medal 2017
Jonathan Swift Award 2018. International literary Award for Satire and Humor
Gustaf-Gründgens-Award 2019 (awarded by the Lions Club to persons that have contributed to the Hamburg art scene)

Madly entertaining, incredibly funny and yet deeply sad

Is it normal to grow up among hundreds of lunatics? As the son of the director of a children and adolescent psychiatric hospital, the young hero in Meyerhoff’s second novel doesn’t know any different – and actually really likes it.

His father is in charge of 1,200 patients but at home retreats into his reading chair. His mother organises the daily routine but wrangles with her role as housewife. His brothers are whole-heartedly devoted to their hobbies and have nothing but malice for him. He is having a hard time with the letters of the alphabet and with keeping his temper under control. The only time he is really happy is when he can ride on the shoulders of a gigantic resident patient through the grounds of the mental hospital.

In a tender and funny way Joachim Meyerhoff tells of a strange family living in a strange place. He tells of a father who in theory is brilliant but in practice always fails. Who else manages after deciding to do more exercise on his 40th birthday to immediately pull a ligament? Or who else gets his sailing boat in distress by wind calm after having managed to throw his son overboard first?

The fiery nucleus of this novel is death, the loss that cannot be compensated, the longing that persists – and memory, that mercifully produces such an incredibly blazing, vivid and curious story.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04516-1
release: 14. February 2013
352 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Joachim Meyerhoff, born in Homburg/Saar in 1967, grew up in Schleswig and has been an ensemble member of the Burgtheater in Vienna since 2005. His debut novel Alle Toten fliegen hoch: Amerika (2011) won the Franz Tumler Literature Prize and the Sponsorship Award of the Bremen Literature Prize. For Wann wird es endlich wieder so, wie es nie war (2013), he received the Nicolas Born Debut Prize and the Euregio Students Literature Prize and the Carl Zuckmayer Medal. The Italian translation won the Premio Bottari Lattes Grinzane in the section "Il Germoglio”. Ach diese Lücke, diese entsetzliche Lücke (2015) was longlisted for the German Book Prize.