Axel Hacke, Giovanni di Lorenzo

What Do You Stand For? What Really Matters in Life - a Quest

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What Do You Stand For? What Really Matters in Life - a Quest

Two friends, well-known journalists, virtually the same age, have over the previous decades discussed openly and in depth many personal issues: their passions, marriages and divorces, their successes, anxieties and bereavements. Yet throughout this time there is one subject they have never broached: What are the basic values you hold dear – not on a personal level, but in terms of society in general? What common goals would you be prepared to champion? In short: What do you stand for?

We live in an age characterised by a collective withdrawal into the private sphere, a well-nigh embittered, even desperate quest for happiness within the confines of one’s own walls, allied to a mass abrogation of social responsibility, endemic discontent, frustration and disaffection with the state. The turnout at elections is sinking steadily, the readiness to perceive oneself as an active member of a civic society is also diminishing. In view of the daunting challenges ahead, this is an unacceptable situation which leaves many people feeling helpless and searching in vain for solutions.

In this book the authors attempt to describe the values they personally cherish above all others compiling a kind of inventory of their lives to date. Alone or in combination, as a verbal slugfest or an essay, in the style of a reporter or a psychoanalytical session. Their quest for answers takes them on an excursion through the major issues of the day: politics and government, climate change, justice, migration and exclusion, fear and depression, sickness and death – an appeal against indifference.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04241-2
release: 23. September 2010
240 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Authors

Axel Hacke, born in 1956, works as a writer and journalist in Munich. He was a reporter and columnist with the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Axel Hacke has published a range of successful books and has garnered numerous prizes for his work.

Giovanni de Lorenzo, born in 1959, works as a political correspondent and head of the features section with the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Since 1989 he has presented the TV talkshow “3 nach 9”, was editor-in-chief of the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, then editor-in-chief of the German weekly Die Zeit. With the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt he wrote the bestseller “Auf eine Zigarette mit Helmut Schmidt” (2009), which sold 200,000 copies to date.