Thomas Raab

Walter Has to Go – Mrs. Huber Investigates (The First Case)

Walter muss weg

Walter Has to Go – Mrs. Huber Investigates (The First Case)

When Mrs. Huber investigates, no stone is left unturned

Glaubenthal, an out-of-the-way idyll straight out of a postcard. Gentle hills, dense forests, upstanding residents, and plenty of fresh air of course. But Hannelore Huber knows better; after all, she lives on the edge of this town and some things here really stink to high heaven – the dead bodies in various basements in particular.

One of these corpses is at the heart of Thomas Raab’s intense new crime novel: that of Walter Huber, Hanni’s husband, who died under extremely mysterious circumstances. But why look into it? All that really matters is that he’s dead. While Mr. & Mrs. Huber may have spent their entire lives together, for the most part they actually lived deliberately past each other. So old lady Huber is looking forward to her well-earned retirement now – too soon, as it turns out.
At Walter’s funeral, in front of the assembled mourners, his coffin falls into the grave and pops open to reveal the wrong body. Which of course begs the question not only of who is responsible for this death and what else is lying around in the graves of Glaubenthal, but above all: Where is Walter?

With magnificent black humor, Thomas Raab writes about how grumpy Mrs. Huber sets off in search of her missing husband in the heart of the shady world of Glaubenthal – with unsolicited support from an odd, incredibly impudent little urchin, who at least has the promising last name of Glück – which means luck or happiness in German.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-05095-0
release: 07. September 2018
384 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Thomas Raab was born in 1970 and lives with his family in Vienna, where he works as a writer, composer and musician. He has been nominated for and has received numerous literary and musical awards, including the “Buchliebling” award in 2011 and the Leo Perutz Prize for crime fiction in 2013. His crime novels featuring the furniture restorer Willibald Adrian Metzger are among the most successful in Austria; to date, ARD has adapted two of these novels for television. In 2017, Thomas Raab received the Austrian Crime Fiction Prize, which was awarded for the first time that year.