Kirsten Wulf

Vino Mortale

Vino mortale

Vino Mortale

As inspiring, sensuous and thrilling as Puglia’s new wines – perfect summer reading!

Commissario Cozzoli needs to relax – at least his best friend Gigi thinks so, so he invites him to a wine seminar. The highlight is the last night on the estate of a young vintner whose wines, which have recently been rapidly gaining international renown, are considered to be among the “quiet stars of the Salento peninsula.” A French sommelier, of all people, is given the chance to express his bloated opinion as a guest expert: the next morning, his corpse is found in the wine cellar.

A case that grows complicated for Commissario Cozzoli, for his friend Gigi is among the suspects. There’s no way for his niece, the journalist Elena Eschenburg from Hamburg, to stay out of the investigation. The evidence leads the unusual investigator team into the thick of the European wine business, the hostess’s noble family and into the recent, almost forgotten history of Southern Italy, which still casts its shadow over the region.

The press on Dance of the Tarantula:

“An atmospheric summer thriller – suspensefully written” – Brigitte

“Not a postcard idyll, but life, filled to the bursting point, told in above-average, high-quality writing” – SR

“A good Italian crime novel, densely atmospheric and with the necessary suspense. Recom-mended!” – Krimikiosk

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04766-0
release: 11. June 2015
368 pages, Broschur


9,99 €
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10,30 €

About the Author

Kirsten Wulf, born in Hamburg in 1963, has worked as a journalist in Central and South America, Portugal and Israel. Since 2003, she has been living and writing in Italy. Of her debut novel Aller Anfang ist Apulien (“Everything Begins with Puglia”), the Frankfurter Rundschau wrote: “Kirsten Wulf describes Italy as we know it from glossy brochures: full of the scent of lavender, olive groves, good red wine and the finest homemade pasta. Yet she also reveals a dark Italy, as portrayed in gangster films: with Mafioso structures, prostitution and human trafficking.”