Gottfried Keller, Hannes Binder




With spectacular illustrations by Hannes Binder

“When religions turn, it’s as if the mountains were rising up…”

The 16th century in Switzerland was marked by the Reformation. And, caught right in the middle of it: the mercenary Hansli Gyr and his neighbor’s daughter Ursula, whose marriage was supposed to be a done deal. But when Hansli comes home from the war, faith has come suddenly between the two. For Ursula has joined the Anabaptists, who, in addition to religious freedom, are also calling for the strict separation of church and state. Hansli for his part is excited about the teachings of the reformer Huldrych Zwingli, who pushes for the persecution of the followers of the Anabaptist movement – many of whom were drowned in the Limmat.

Ursula was originally published as part of the Züricher Novellen (Zurich Novellas) in 1877. The unique illustrations by Zurich artist Hannes Binder add new depth to Keller’s story, drawing the reader straight into the sometimes grotesque, sometimes intoxicating turmoil of the 16th century.

Classic fiction / Illustrated book


ISBN: 978-3-86971-199-7
release: 01. June 2019
128 pages, Pappband


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About the Authors

Gottfried Keller (1819–1890), was a poet and politician who was born and died in Zurich. His first collection of poetry in 1846 earned him a scholarship. Beginning in 1861, he was first cantonal secretary of Zurich. Among other books, he wrote the novel Der grüne Heinrich and the Züricher Novellen.

Hannes Binder, born in Zurich in 1947, is a cartoonist, painter and illustrator. Using his characteristic stencil technique, he illustrated seven comics based on the works of Friedrich Glauser, as well as Der Wegwerfer by Heinrich Böll, various children’s books and other works. Hannes Binder lives in Zurich and in the Ticino region.