Alain Claude Sulzer

Untenable Circumstances

Unhaltbare Zustände

Untenable Circumstances

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Alain Claude Sulzer’s novel about a man whose rebellion against changing times throws him off balance

After being hidden behind paper for two days, the Quatre Saisons’ seven huge display windows are ceremoniously unveiled – showcasing the long-established store’s merchandise in a new light. These are the moments that the window dresser Stettler lives and works for – and has been for several decades.  Now, just into his 60s, he is unexpectedly assigned a younger colleague to work by his side – a rival, his intended successor, an enemy!

Stettler’s world begins to crumble. The year is 1968, and everything else is also crumbling. Young people wear jeans and no longer have any manners, and a Vietcong flag suddenly hangs from the church tower in Munster. Stettler is horrified. Feeling increasingly threatened, he even starts spying on his rival, out for revenge. For Stettler, it’s also an uphill battle against time and age, which he is bound to lose. Only an exchange of letters with Lotte Zerbst, a radio-pianist he admires, makes him feel less lost. And he hopes that it might even lead to a meeting between them someday…

Literary fiction


ISBN: 978-3-86971-194-2
release: 22. August 2019
272 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Alain Claude Sulzer, born in 1953, lives as a freelance writer in Basel, Berlin and Alsace. His books have been translated into all the major languages. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Prix Médicis Étranger, the Hermann Hesse Prize and the City of Basel Culture Award.