Holger Dambeck

Three Logicians Walk Into A Bar… The Greatest Math Riddles

Kommen drei Logiker in eine Bar...

Three Logicians Walk Into A Bar… The Greatest Math Riddles

SPIEGEL bestseller

After his Spiegel bestsellers Je mehr Löcher, desto weniger Käse (“The More Holes, the Less Cheese”) and Nullen machen Einsen groß (“Zeros Make Ones Big”), the science journalist and math aficionado Holger Dambeck once again leads us into the fascinating world of mathematical-logical brainteasers. What makes a successful riddle so exciting is that there’s no obvious solution. Which makes Dambeck’s credo all the more important: “There may be rules. But if you really want to have fun, you have to get creative.” In this book, Dambeck now presents his personal collection of the 100 greatest logic and number riddles: How do the ladies man Casanova and math become a dream team? How many matches are played at the world’s largest table-tennis championship in Ping Pong Town? And what do three logicians do anyway when they want to order a beer?



ISBN: 978-3-462-05051-6
release: 07. September 2017
240 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Holger Dambeck, born in 1969, studied physics and has been science editor at Spiegel Online since 2003 and head of the science and health desk since 2015. Already as a 16-year-old, he participated in mathematical Olympiads to solve tricky problems. Since 2006, he has been writing about the wondrous world of math in the Spiegel Online column “Numerator.” In 2003, he was awarded the media prize of the German Mathematical Society. Since 2014, he has been writing the Spiegel Online column “Rätsel der Woche” (“Riddle of the Week”).

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