Liane Dirks

This Beloved Raging Fear

Die liebe Angst

This Beloved Raging Fear

First published in 1986

»This book is by far the most sensitive, densest description of sexual abuse in contemporary literature. Better than any textbook, it shows how children fall victim to sexual violence, but it also shows the will to survive and the strength that enables them to fight this trauma.«
Ursula Enders, Zartbitter (Organization for the protection of children from sexual abuse)

Anne, four at the beginning of the story and eleven at its end, tells the story of her childhood, tells about the love for her father, who is able to enchant everyone with his dreams and fairy tales but who also feeds his desires with alcohol and sex, who is never satisfied with what he gets and sexually abuses both daughters for years.

Since its first publication thirty years ago Liane Dirks has followed the debates around the subject and has done biographical work with victims. In her foreword she depicts the long lasting effects on the victims but also the importance of the subject for our society.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04843-8
release: 17. August 2015
176 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Liane Dirks, born in 1955 in Hamburg, is a full-time writer since 1985. She received numerous prizes and awards. With her two daughters she lives in Cologne.