Katharina Hagena

The Taste of Apple Seeds

Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen

The Taste of Apple Seeds

On SPIEGEL bestseller list for several months (#1 in September 2009)
Complete English, French and Spanish translation available
Bestseller in France and Italy
#2 of best-sold translated titles in France in the year 2010 / Prix des Lecteurs – Sélection 2011 / Prize of Booksellers for best Paperback (France)

Memories of summer holidays at her grandmother’s are enigmatic and magical, her aunts’ tales mysterious. Katharina Hagena writes about the women in a family, intertwining the fates of three generations. A novel about remembering and forgetting – moving, wonderfully comic and clever.
When Bertha dies, her granddaughter Iris inherits her house and finds herself back in the home where she and her cousin used to play dressing-up in the summer holidays. She wanders through the rooms and garden, a timeless world where redcurrants turn white overnight, where a tree blossoms twice, villages vanish and women shake sparks out of their fingers.
But the garden is now wild and overgrown. After she fell out of the apple tree, Bertha became absent-minded, then forgetful. Eventually, she didn’t even recognise her own three daughters.
Iris stays in the house on her own for a week. She cannot decide whether she wants to keep it. She swims in a black lake, receives a visitor, kisses an old friend’s brother and paints a wall.
While she wanders from room to room, she gropes her way through memories and things she had forgotten: What did her grandfather really do before he went to war? Which men were Bertha’s daughters in love with? Who ate his apple with the pips? Finally, Iris recalls the night her cousin Rosmarie had the terrible accident: What was Rosmarie doing on the conservatory roof? What did she want to tell Iris?
Iris senses there are several ways to forget. And remembering is only one of them.



ISBN: 978-3-462-03970-2
release: 25. February 2008
256 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Katharina Hagena, born 1967, studied English and German in Marburg, London and Freiburg. She researched at the James Joyce Stiftung in Zürich and taught at Trinity College in Dublin and the University of Hamburg. Her first book Was die wilden Wellen sagen. Der Seeweg durch den Ulysses (marebuchverlag) appeared in 2006. She lives and works as a freelance writer in Hamburg.

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