Katharina Hagena

The Sound of Light

Das Geräusch des Lichts

The Sound of Light

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Katharina Hagena’s new novel carries us off to the aurora borealis in the Northwest Territories and to the oil towns of Alberta. It tells of people who have lost something – love, a friend, a mother or themselves.

It starts with five people in a waiting room. Who could they be? One observes the others and invents their life stories. There’s the botanist Daphne Holt, as resilient and delicate as the moss she studies. In search of a friend, she stumbles upon a secret in the Canadian wilderness. There’s the musician in his yolk-yellow houseboat, fulfilling his wife’s last wishes, waiting for the northern lights on a frozen lake. In every opening, every shaft, behind every grate, 12-year-old Richard sees a possible passageway to the planet Tschu – because that’s where his mother and sister are, since they have to be somewhere if they’re not here anymore. And then there’s the confused lady, throughout whose mind the white emptiness has already spread considerably. Finally, the narrator invents her own story, a thriller about the crimes of a ruthless oil company, in which her own life comes into danger.

A moving, gripping novel about the redemptive power of imagination



ISBN: 978-3-462-04932-9
release: 08. September 2016
272 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Katharina Hagena, born in Karlsruhe, works as a writer in Hamburg, where she lives with her family. She wrote two books about James Joyce before publishing her first novel, Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen (The Taste of Apple Seeds), in 2008. The book has been translated into 26 languages and adapted for the screen. In 2012, she published her second novel Vom Schlafen und Verschwinden (On Sleeping and Disappearing).

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