Sabriye Tenberken

The Seventh Year. From Tibet to India

Das siebte Jahr

The Seventh Year. From Tibet to India

BLINDSIGHT – The Movie of the mountain climb with Eric Weihenmeyer has premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2006
The movie received several awards, among them the Audience Award for Best Film, Berlin Film Festival. Panorama 2007, the Audience Award for Best Documentary, AFI Film Festival 2006 (Los Angeles) and the Audience Award for Best Documentary, Palm Springs Film Festival 2007

What’s become of Tendsin, Gyendsen, Tashi and the other blind children from Lhasa?
Sabriye Tenberken continues telling the moving story of her life – and reports on a dramatic climbing expedition in the Himalayas, the foundation of a new centre for the blind in India and other adventures. The blind mountaineer Eric Weihenmeyer from the USA is convinced he can help the children of Lhasa in developing confidence in themselves and their abilities: he wants to climb a mountain with them in the Himalayas. Sabriye Tenberken reluctantly agrees. She believes the children from the Centre for the Blind in Lhasa climbed their own mountain a long time ago. But the »Climbing Blind« Mission goes ahead. In autumn 2004, six blind children, Sabriye, Paul Kronenberg and Eric Weihenmeyer set out with a camera team to climb Lhakpa Ri, a neighbour of Mount Everest. But after admiring a fairytale ice palace at an altitude of 6,500 metres, the weather suddenly changes. Paul and other members of the daring expedition suffer from altitude sickness and have to turn back. Sabriye and the children stay behind in icy temperatures for several days while a snowstorm sweeps across the Everest Advanced Camp.

»Aside from the testimony to courage that it provides, it is the very simplicity of the telling and the unforced modesty of its author that constitute the strength of this book. The result is truly inspirational.« (New Books in German, Issue 20)



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release: 21. August 2006
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About the Author

Sabriye Tenberken, born 1970 in Cologne, turned blind at the age of 12. She studied Tibetology, sociology and philosophy. For the past years, she and her partner, Paul Kronenberg, have been involved in the Centre for the Blind in Lhasa, which Sabriye founded, the development of another centre in Kerala/ India, and with work for the blind throughout the world with her organisation Braille Without Borders. In 2000, her bestseller Mein Weg führt nach Tibet was published. For her commitment, Sabriye Tenberken has received numerous awards, among them the Mother Theresa Award 2006.