Wolfgang Schorlau

The Protecting Hand. Dengler's eighth case

Die schützende Hand

The Protecting Hand. Dengler's eighth case

The NSU murder series – murders committed by a right-wing extremist terrorist group targeting principally immigrants that went unsolved for years – is the subject of this spectacular crime novel by Wolfgang Schorlau. Taking up the real case that is currently still being negotiated in court, Schorlau asks the crucial questions:

Why did the police investigate only in the environment of the victims while there were clues pointing in another direction? Why are files being shredded just when investigations into the true perpetrators begin? Why has the secret service its fingers in every pie? What if this wasn’t merely a failure on the part of the authorities? Who is holding his protective hand over the murderers?

This crime novel has attracted the attention of the media and politics even before its publication. Wolfgang Schorlau, who is renowned for his controversial and meticulously researched crime novels, interweaves the results of his spectacular research with a breathtakingly suspenseful plot with private detective Dengler at its centre.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04666-3
release: 12. November 2015
384 pages, Flexcover


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About the Author

Wolfgang Schorlau, lives and works as a freelance writer in Stuttgart. In 2006, he was awarded the German Crime Prize and in 2012 and 2014 the Stuttgart Crime Prize.