Isabel Bogdan

The Peacock

Der Pfau

The Peacock

Shortlisted for the Independent Booksellers Award 2016
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A charming, rundown country estate where a peacock is playing mad, a group of bankers on a team building exercise, an ambitious young psychologist, an energetic housekeeper with a broken arm, a brilliant cook, Lord and Lady McIntosh who have to make it all work, add to that lots of animals – and soon nobody has any idea what’s going on.

In her first novel, Isabel Bogdan describes with subtle English understatement a weekend where nothing goes to plan. Senior investment banker, Liz, and her department want to enhance their team work in this rural getaway but are thrown off course by the Spartan surroundings and a peacock which has just gone mad. Lord McIntosh’s pragmatic approach to problem-solving sets off a hilarious chain of events which none of the participants understands but which pushes everyone to their limits.

»Isabel Bogdan has created an array of unforgettable characters who will remind readers of John Cleese in the marvellous Fawlty Towers series. Her concise writing style highlights an irony that compares favourably with that of Alan Bennett.« Hamburg Förderpreis, jury



ISBN: 978-3-462-04800-1
release: 18. February 2016
256 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Isabel Bogdan was born in Cologne in 1968 and studied English and Japanese in Heidelberg and Tokyo. She lives in Hamburg where she translates fiction by Nick Hornby, Jane Gardam, Jonathan Safran Foer and others, as well as working as an editor and writer. In 2011 she was awarded the Hamburger Förderpreis für Literatur, and in 2006 the same prize, this time for literary translation. In 2014 she was named ‘Blogger of the Year’, together with Maximilian Buddenbohm, for the blog For the last twenty years she has regularly visited a remote Scottish country estate at the edge of the Highlands of Scotland. Her previous publications are Sachen machen (2012) and short stories published in various anthologies, most recently in Irgendwo ins grüne Meer (due for publication in May 2016).