Katja Lange-Müller

The Ducks, the Women and the Truth

Die Enten, die Frauen und die Wahrheit

The Ducks, the Women and the Truth

Kleist Prize 2013
Günter Grass Prize – From Authors to Authors, 2017

In her collection of short stories Katja Lange-Müller talks about life, about similarities and differences, about animals in the zoo and in free territories, about cities and forests, about American baseball, South-American beaches and parts of Berlin. But in all her stories the people who live in these places play the main role. Katja Lange-Müller has watched them precisely, she has an unmistakable sense for details, for the secrets behind every-day life. With her extraordinary precision of language and wild sense of humour Katja Lange-Müller takes the reader into the excitement and flamboyance of the details of our lives. And like Hemmingway did before, her short stories hide the decisive under their surface.



ISBN: 978-3-462-03215-4
release: 30. November -0001
256 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Katja Lange-Müller was born in East Berlin in 1951. She relocated to West Berlin in 1984 and published her first book Wehleid-Wie im Leben in 1986. The same year she won the Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis. Among others she also won the Alfred-Döblin-Preis and the Wilhelm-Raabe-Preis. Further titles are Kasper Mauser – Die Feigheit vorm Freund (1988), Verfrühte Tierliebe (1995), Die Letzten (2000), Die Enten, die Frauen und die Wahrheit (2003) and Böse Schafe (2007). Rights to her works have been sold to Argentina, Croatia, Czech, France, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Turkey.

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