Kat Menschik

The Doll in the Grass

Die Puppe im Grase

The Doll in the Grass

A country’s soul is deeply rooted in the stories its inhabitants tell each other at night from one generation to the next. Through their tales, they bring to life a fantastical and at the same time harsh world, characterized on the one hand by morality and ethics, and on the other by the longings and dreams of ordinary people. In the process, a universe emerged north of the Skagerrak – mystical, macabre, fascinating and so teeming with eloquent images that these stories are still capable of casting an immediate spell on readers today: Little dolls lure the sons of kings into tall grass with the help of nuts, craftsmen outsmart the devil and a hen saves the Earth from ruin…

In this new volume in Kat Menschik’s series of favorite books, Menschik creates one-of-a-kind, gorgeous illustrations for a selection of her favorite fairy tales.

Illustrated Fairy Tales


ISBN: 978-3-86971-195-9
release: 12. September 2019
80 pages, Pappband


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About the Author

Kat Menschik is a freelance illustrator. Her garden book Der goldene Grubber (2014) was voted one of the 25 most beautiful books of the year. Since 2016, Kat Menschik has been designing her own series of books, each individually created and decorated. Most recently, her book Essen essen came out in spring 2019.