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The Devil's Grin


The Devil's Grin

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At a time when only men are admitted to universities, Anna Kronberg cuts off her hair, puts on a pair of pants and studies medicine. Under the name of Dr. Anton Kronberg she becomes England’s leading epidemiologist and eventually ends up at the center of a monstrous conspiracy that places her in mortal danger, which she can only escape with the help of her sharp wit – and the assistance of Sherlock Holmes.

London in the late 19th century: A cholera victim is discovered in London’s waterworks. Dr. Anton Kronberg is called in and discovers that the dead man was deliberately infected with a deadly bacteria. While Scotland Yard pursues the case only half-heartedly, Kronberg meets Sherlock Holmes, a consultant detective in this case.

He uncovers Kronberg’s secret identity in no time at all. In return, Anna begins to analyze Holmes’ complicated inner workings – much to his chagrin. But the two partners – intellectual equals despite their dissimilarities – must join forces to uncover a conspiracy that is so monstrous that the very deeds of Jack the Ripper pale in comparison…

The self-published English edition of The Devil’s Grin has already attracted tens of thousands of readers, ranking Nr. 1 on Amazon US in the “Historical Crime Novels” and “British Detective Novels” categories. The second volume featuring Anna Kronberg and Sherlock Holmes, The Fall, has already been published in English.

Crime novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04643-4
release: 13. February 2014
240 pages, Flexcover


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About the Author

Annelie Wendeberg is actually an environmental microbiologist (UFZ, Leipzig; Adjunct Professor, Uppsala). But she’s also a writer. She writes about everything imaginable related to scientists, biology, the environment, ecology and especially microbiology. At night she writes crime stories. For some strange reason this works best in English. She self-publishes her books and the life of the indie author has turned out to be an unexpectedly wild ride. After her first book had already drawn in tens of thousands of readers in the USA, Annelie sent a copy to KiWi. Since then, she’s been a happy indie author with a publisher. But you can read all about it here: