Moritz Netenjakob

The Boss

Der Boss

The Boss

Daniel was brought up by his hippy parents to be extremely tolerant of foreign cultures. But what do you do when the extended family of your Turkish girlfriend drive you insane?

Aylin has finally said yes and Daniel is in seventh heaven. But nobody’s prepared him for what comes next. Suddenly he has 374 Turkish relatives who contact him four times a day with advice and tips: where they should go on their honeymoon, who he should find a job for, and why he should lie to Aunt X so as not to upset Uncle Y.

Daniel’s parents are so foreigner-friendly they’re almost discriminating – for them, even a slap in the face would be a fascinating cultural experience. On the other hand, they are totally immune to Turkish sensi-bilities. They not only chat about sexuality, but also – as atheists – want to spend Christmas with Aylin’s Muslim parents, eat Greek olives and attend avant-garde theatrical productions.

When conservative Uncle Abdullah appears on the scene, and Daniel is supposed to pretend he’s Mus-lim and postpone the wedding because of him, it’s all too much. Can their relationship survive this Turk-ish-German madness?

Hilarious situations, endearing characters and brilliant punch lines – Moritz Netenjakob describes the German-Turkish culture clash in such a witty and warm-hearted way that by the end of the book the reader wishes he had his very own Turkish family.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04387-7
release: 12. March 2012
320 pages, Flexcover


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About the Author

Moritz Netenjakob, born in 1970, is one of Germany’s most popular comedy writers. He writes for television shows and in 2006 he won the Grimme Prize. His novels Macho Man and Der Boss were on the Spiegel bestseller list for months, delighting hundreds of thousands of readers.

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