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The Book against Nazis

Das Buch gegen Nazis

The Book against Nazis

How to handle rightwing extremism: a manual

A recent study has shown that neo-Nazis are gaining popularity among school children. In difficult economic times, racism and xenophobia are on the increase. What can we do to fight these Nazis? This manual offers some initial advice.
But rightwing extremism is not only on the increase among young people. And neo-Nazis can not necessarily be indicated by combat boots and shaven heads anymore. Today’s leaders cultivate a cool image and attract followers with their music, promises of adventure and smart clothes.
More and more people want to know what they can do. How can we tackle rightwing extremists and racists peacefully and constructively – whether they’re neighbours, members of the same sports club, go to school or work with us? And what is rightwing extremism? Should we even talk to Nazis? How do we recognise them?
How should we react to rightwing threats? What should we do when a friend suddenly votes for the NPD party? Does banning the party help? Are sit-in protests at neo-Nazi demonstrations actually punishable?

This manual contains compact information and offers practical advice. It introduces some exemplary projects and recommends who we should contact if we need advice. An appendix with numerous photos describes the distinctive signs of today’s Nazis.
With forewords from Thomas Krüger and Giovanni di Lorenzo and articles from numerous experts.
A project initiated by DIE ZEIT and the Federal Agency for Political Education.

Non-fiction/ Society, Politics


ISBN: 978-3-462-04160-6
release: 24. August 2009
304 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Holger Kulick, born 1960, studied politics and became a journalist for political and cultural programmes on TV. He produced two documentary features on juvenile violence and rightwing extremism, then became correspondent for SPIEGEL ONLINE. Since 2005, he has been head of the editorial staff of and since 2006 has worked on the web column founded by the Federal Agency for Political Education.
Toralf Staud, born 1972, worked as a political editorial journalist and Berlin correspondent for ZEIT after studying journalism and philosophy from 1998 to 2005. Today he is a freelance journalist and writes for the Greenpeace magazine, among other things. On behalf of DIE ZEIT, Toralf Staud co-founded the online platform In 2007 he published Wir Klimaretter.