Jürgen Wiebicke

Ten Rules for Saviours of Democracy

Zehn Regeln für Demokratie-Retter

Ten Rules for Saviours of Democracy

If we didn’t already know it before, Donald Trump’s election has made it clear: our liberal democracy is in danger. Very much so. There’s no guarantee that authoritarian forces won’t also prevail here on our side of the Atlantic. So what should we do in this decisive election year 2017 – and beyond? How can we defend the substance of our democracy against increasingly bold and vocal deprecators – and not just at the voting booth? How do we encourage others to join us?

Journalist and philosopher Jürgen Wiebicke offers ten handy rules to help anyone begin anytime. Right outside our very own homes. In our daily lives. For – and this is something we need to remind ourselves of constantly – democracy is more than a form of governance; it is a form of life that we must continually revive and defend.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05071-4
release: 06. April 2017
112 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Jürgen Wiebicke, born in 1962, studied philosophy and German language and literature in Cologne. Since 1997, he has been working as a freelance journalist, primarily for radio. Every Friday evening, he hosts “Das philosophische Radio” (“The Philosophical Radio”) on WDR 5, German-language radio’s only interactive philosophy program. In 2012, he won the META Award for Ethics in the Media, awarded by the Stuttgart University of Media Studies.

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