Lea Rieck

Tell Adventure I’m On My Way. How I went around the world on a motorcycle and what I learned

Sag dem Abenteuer, ich komme

Tell Adventure I’m On My Way.  How I went around the world on a motorcycle and what I learned

A woman’s journey around the world on her motorcycle

One day, Lea Rieck quit her job, left her comfort zone and set out on a journey around the world. Eighteen months, fifteen countries, six continents and 90,000 kilometers – just her and her motorcycle, all alone.

What do you do when there’s a military coup happening right outside your window, your new acquaintance turns out to be a Russian sniper or you burn your eyes in a high-altitude desert? You learn your lesson and keep going. Lea’s journey takes her past 8,000-meter high mountains in Pakistan, through temples and palaces in India, to the shores of Australia, the driest desert in the world in Chile and Bolivia – and, in the end, back to Germany again. She lets intuition and her instincts guide her, experiences the highs and lows of solo travel, begins to see the world through new eyes and discovers life in all its many facets and forms.

In her book, Lea Rieck tells a touching story of falling down and getting back up again, of courage and composure, believing in yourself and others, empathy, hope and determination. The story of a young woman who went forth –not to learn what fear is, but instead to find adventure, friendship and love on her own rocky path.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05224-4
release: 07. March 2019
416 pages, Flexcover


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About the Author

Lea Rieck was born in Munich in 1986. Already in kindergarten, she preferred playing with Matchbox cars to Barbies. In 2013, she earned a master’s degree in art history, business administration and law from Ludwig Maximilian University. When she isn’t traveling around the world, she works as a journalist and digital design consultant. Her travel reportages have appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, Welt, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Glamour.