Valentin Thurn, Gundula Christiane Oertel

Taste the Waste: Recipes and Ideas for Food Rescuers

Taste the Waste

Taste the Waste: Recipes and Ideas for Food Rescuers

Recipes for the culinary resistance – from dumpster divers and top chefs: a companion cook-book to the documentary film “Taste the Waste” and the book The Food Destroyers. Ideas from food rescuers for anyone looking for an appetizing way to join the fight against waste and the devaluation of food.

The cooks in this book believe in savoring things responsibly down to the very last morsel. They consider waste one of our throwaway society’s worst habits. These convictions led each of them eventually to become a “food rescuer” in one way or another. Take activist-chef Wam Kat, who salvages what farmers leave behind; or TV-chef Sarah Wiener, whose cooking classes teach kids about the value of food through their senses. The dumpster diver Talley Hoban, who organizes a food swap. The food foragers, who encourage people to harvest unclaimed fruit. The Austrian top chef Tom Riederer, who whips up delicacies from things others consider garbage. The herbal chef Peter Becker, who picks his ingredients from urban lawns and trees. All this is illustrated with the work of artist Uli Westphal, whose photographic series “Mutatoes” rejects the cosmetic perfectionism on display in supermarkets and reminds us of the full range of shapes, colors and sizes that fruits and vegetables actually come in. And, last but not least, the book owes a debt to our grandmothers, who passed down to us their art of concocting delectable new treats, even from leftovers!

Cooking / Ecology


ISBN: 978-3-462-04483-6
release: 08. November 2012
256 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Authors

Valentin Thurn was born in 1963. He has made more than 40 TV documentaries and reportages as a freelance filmmaker. In 2003, he received the Media Prize of the Ministry for Development Assistance and, in 2006, was nominated for the German Television Prize. Over 100,000 viewers saw “Taste the Waste” in German theaters, over 25,000 in Austria, and the film participated in more than 30 festivals around the world, winning ten national and international prizes.

Gundula Christiane Oertel, born in 1964, is a freelance journalist and writer specialized in nature conservation and consumer protection. In 2008, she founded the animal-sound portal, where donations to nature conservation are rewarded with unusual ringtones. Her contributions to the Slow Food Germany magazine mainly focus on international agricultural and food policy issues.