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Space Patrol


Space Patrol

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The stories in Matthias Brandt’s first book are literary journeys in a cosmos familiar to us all – the cosmos of childhood – examined with a very particular eye here.

In this case, it’s a childhood in the ‘70s of the last century in a small city on the Rhine River, which was the capital of West Germany at the time. A childhood populated by a sometimes snappy dog called Gabor, by Mr. Vianden, mysterious postmen, fearful nuns, religion teachers disabled in the war and nice Mr. Lübke from next door, who serves hot chocolate and is starting to run out of things to say. There’s his father’s odd work colleague, Mr. Wehner; a custodian; and even a chauffeur, since dad happens to be the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Brandt writes about complicated bike outings, heavily guarded trips to fairs, monstrous soccer defeats, bizarre doctors’ appointments and about passions that burn out as quickly as they flare up – for stamp collecting, for example. Last but not least, we read about parents as shrouded in secrecy as they are loved, and about a childhood filled not only with adventure and imposture but also with fantasy, danger and loneliness. An unforgettable book.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04567-3
release: 08. September 2016
176 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Matthias Brandt, born in 1961 as the youngest son of Rut and Willy Brandt, is one of Germany’s best-known actors. He has had engagements at renowned German-language theaters and, in recent years, has been acting mostly for the screen. He has received numerous awards for his achievements.