Christine Westermann

Sometimes it’s Light as a Feather. On Small and Big Goodbyes

Manchmal ist es federleicht

Sometimes it’s Light as a Feather. On Small and Big Goodbyes


Saying goodbye is something we have to do throughout our lives. For Christine Westermann, like for many people, the issue was rife with anxiety from the time she was a little girl. Only now, at an age at which saying goodbye is becoming an oft-performed practice, is she able to take a more open, direct look at it. With inimitable charm and humor, she writes about how this came about.

In her book, she writes about big and small losses. How heavily does it weigh on you when you have to say goodbye to a friend you were sure would outlive you? How easy can it be to leave behind a city, a place you’ve lived, to make a new start? How hard is it to realize that your own beauty and attractiveness are fading? Of course the fear of loss is still there – but now it’s paired with new courage to accept change. In a book full of anecdotes, at once earnest and self-ironic, Christine Westermann writes about experiences and situations that have trained her awareness and set her on a new path.

A smart, entertaining reflection about an existential human experience



ISBN: 978-3-462-05050-9
release: 09. November 2017
192 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Christine Westermann, born in Erfurt in 1948, is known as a radio and television journalist. For her work she won the Adolf Grimme Award and Comedy Award. Her books have all been bestsellers.