Susann Pásztor

Some say love, others say nothing

Die einen sagen Liebe, die anderen sagen nichts

Some say love, others say nothing

A meditation retreat, a fascinating man, a story of true love – passionate, intimate and surprising

The meditation weekend that Mila attends at the suggestion of her therapist is truly a challenging experience – one filled with odd people whom she can only observe in silence while sitting in uncomfortable positions and following outlandish instructions. And as if that wasn’t enough, the silence leads to many unsolicited insights.

And then there’s Simon, who convinces Mila to give him a lift after the workshop. The two never expected that they would end up in a hotel room. They spend three passionate days and nights together and completely open up to each other without an ounce of reservation. And just as they grow closer to each other than they have to anyone else before, they decide to part ways forever.

With empathy, wit and psychological nuance, Susann Pásztor tells a story of true love – and of a woman who will do anything to ensure that it lasts.

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