Klara Nordin

September Guilt


September Guilt

It’s mid-September, Lapland is resplendent in the vibrant colours of autumn, up in the mountains the first snow is falling. At the time of year when the locals round up reindeer to celebrate the Sami reindeer slaughter festival, the body of a woman is discovered: in the middle of the animals that have been slaughtered according to traditional rituals, shot dead by a bolt gun. In search of Ella Vikström’s murderer, Chief Inspector Linda Lundin and her colleagues have to delve deeply into the past of a divided village that is guarding an explosive secret. Set in the wide expanses of the polar circle, Inspector Lundin reveals a network of guilt and betrayal that reaches into the present day.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04836-0
release: 10. September 2015
336 pages, Broschur


9,99 €
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10,30 €

About the Author

Klara Nordin was born in 1960 in Heilbronn. After training to become a bookseller, she studied German language and literature and pedagogy in Tübingen and spent many years working for various publishing houses. In 2001, she moved to Sweden. For several years, she has lived in Swedish Lapland – more specifically, in Jokkmokk, the setting of her novels. From there, she serves as dean of studies for the School of Writing in Hamburg and regularly runs writing courses in Germany.