Frank Goosen

Rocket Men


Rocket Men

Did you become the person you wanted to be when you grew up?

Frank Goosen describes the men of our times – from those who want to break out to those who seek stability. He writes of music and old friendships, of memories of first loves. Of men who have been abandoned and those who are still seeking love. Of men who are timid and men who are brave. They’d all like to be rocket men, but they have to be content with themselves.

Some of them realize just how wrong life can go, others unceremoniously give their lives a new twist. They’re all struggling with unfulfilled dreams and the fact that they’re getting older but some of them can make peace with themselves.

Laconic, subtle, funny and warm-hearted, Frank Goosen’s unforgettable stories take place in the here and now. They trace life’s biggest themes in a microcosmic space and teach us about ourselves in a wondrous way.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04620-5
release: 13. February 2014
240 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

In addition to his successful novels, including Liegen lernen (“Learning to Lie”), Pokorny lacht (“Pokorny Laughs”) and So viel Zeit (“So Much Time”), Frank Goosen has published numerous short stories and columns in national publications, some of which he has adapted for his solo shows on stage. His novel Sommerfest (“Summer Party”) became a bestseller in 2011. Frank Goosen lives in Bochum with his wife*Frank Goosen* has published many successful books, including Raketenmänner, Sommerfest and Liegen lernen, as well as numerous short stories and columns in national publications and various anthologies. In addition, he has adapted some of his texts for solo performances, with which he tours Germany. Several of his books have been dramatized or adapted for the screen. Frank Goosen lives with his wife and two sons in Bochum.

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