Franziska Seyboldt

Rat-a-tat-tat, My Heart. On Living with Anxiety

Rattatatam, mein Herz

Rat-a-tat-tat, My Heart. On Living with Anxiety

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Anxiety disorders are more common than depression according to one international study. And yet they remain a taboo topic. With her courageous and poetic book Franziska Seyboldt wants to change this.

Anxiety crept into Franziska Seyboldt’s life early on. And her experiences go far beyond what we generally consider to be “anxious.” Anxiety about taking the subway, going to the doctor, failing in professional situations – in short: generalized anxiety disorder. Panic attacks. Millions of people struggle through life with this condition and the resulting anxiety about anxiety, and – by necessity – have become true masters of finding excuses. Why is no one talking about it? Why isn’t anxiety disorder as “normal” as depression or burnout? Franziska Seyboldt describes her journey through anxiety and asks: “Are you weak if you show weakness, or is that precisely how you take back control?”.

A groundbreaking book that broaches one of the most important issues in our highly perfectionist society.

“In my experience, no one attacks you if you’re honest. At most you’ll be admired for how openly you deal with it; maybe you’ll be kept under closer watch for a while, but then at some point everything goes back to the way it was. Except that now you don’t have to keep anything secret anymore. Your heart feels a stone quarry lighter afterwards. I promise.”

Narrative non-fiction


ISBN: 978-3-462-05047-9
release: 11. January 2018
256 pages, Pappband


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About the Author

Franziska Seyboldt, born in Baden-Württemberg in 1984, studied fashion journalism and media communications in Hamburg. Since 2008, she has been living and working in Berlin. She is an editor, writer and columnist for taz, and writes advertising copy and books for adults and children. Rattatatam, mein Herz (“Rat-a-tat-tat, My Heart”) is her third book.