Dominic Deville

Pogo in Kindergarten. From the Daily Life of a Fearless Teacher

Pogo im Kindergarten

Pogo in Kindergarten. From the Daily Life of a Fearless Teacher

A former punk-turned-nursery teacher reports from everyday madness in a kindergarten

Take a deep breath, please: It’s Monday morning, just past eight. Any moment now, twenty screaming, jubilant, sad, excited children will come storming in, wanting to talk about their weekend, play, learn and romp – ideally all at the same time. Welcome to the chaotic, colorful world of Dominic Deville! In this book, the professional educator and failed punk rocker writes about what really goes on in kindergartens.

Deville explains how there are exactly four types of children, that the procedure for planning a kindergarten birthday party is more complicated than electing a new pope and that making it happen can require more effort than a royal wedding, and why punk-rock songs are perfectly suited as children’s songs. He also reports on unsuccessful Mother’s Day gifts and catastrophic Santa’s visits.

Hilariously and with self-irony, Dominic Deville writes about what it’s like to stand one’s ground in the middle of a horde of five-year-olds – and to fail brilliantly in the process.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05052-3
release: 09. May 2018
336 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Dominic Deville, born in 1975, is a certified kindergarten teacher and untrained punk rocker. His band “Failed Teachers” has a repu-tation as Switzerland’s worst punk-rock group. He has worked, among other things, as a peddler, urban-golf trainer, magician, professional snow clearer, radio presenter, playwright, game inventor, actor, city tour guide, dog breeder and event manager. In recent years, he has been on the road with his stage events “Kinderschreck” and “Bühnenschreck” and he hosts his own show on Swiss television, “Deville Late Night.” Deville lives with his girl-friend and two exceedingly well-behaved children in Zurich. This is his first and last book.