Dana von Suffrin




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Klaus-Michael Kühne-Award 2019 for the best literary debut

In her debut novel, Dana von Suffrin writes about what it means when an obstinate Jewish pater familias becomes an invalid. Babi and Timna find themselves facing their father’s rapid decline from frailty to requiring constant care and, finally, to being on his deathbed. It is a book about saying goodbye and the question of what remains of a person who has always played a central role in the family system.

Otto, the father, is an equally charismatic as impulsive – and above all highly manipulative – character, who drives everyone around him crazy. He is blustering, stingy, energetic and tasteless – a real scourge for his family and others around him. At the same time, Otto is also charming and extremely appealing and somehow just nice enough that you don’t simply tell him to go to hell.

Dana von Suffrin writes about the comical day-to-day life with this insufferable patriarch. A book – as worldly-wise and affectionate as it is acerbic and full of dark humor – that immediately draws you in with its wit and energy, as well as its deep sadness.

Literary fiction


ISBN: 978-3-462-05257-2
release: 22. August 2019
240 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Dana von Suffrin was born in Munich in 1985. She studied political science, modern and contemporary history and comparative literature in Munich, Naples and Jerusalem. She worked as a museum and city tour guide in Munich. In 2017, she wrote a doctoral thesis about the role of science and ideology in early Zionism, and since then has been a postdoc at the Ludwig Maximilian University. She lives in Munich.