Wolfgang Schorlau

On the Twelfth Day. Dengler's seventh case

Am zwölften Tag

On the Twelfth Day. Dengler's seventh case

Stuttgart Crime Award 2014

Private detective Dengler’s son Jakob has vanished. He’s been gone for three days and Dengler’s ex-wife is making his life hell: Find our son! But not only Jakob, also three of his friends have gone missing.

In Jakob’s room Dengler finds the kind of stickers that in the last weeks have been found on meat packages in supermarkets: “This meat comes from factory farmed animals. You’re poisoning yourself and your family.” On Jakob’s computer he finds photos and films from chicken and turkey farms. Disgusting photos and films documenting the animals’ misery.

Have Jakob and his friends become radical animal rights activists? Are they planning a big coup? Or have they come seriously too close for comfort while researching the dirty business conducted by industrial farms and are now in danger? Why doesn’t he know anything about this? Why does he know his own son so little? Only while searching for his son does he really get to know him – and discovers the murderous methods of factory farming and the food industry.

“Wolfgang Schorlau has written his way to the forefront of German authors of political crime novels.” Hamburger Abendblatt

“Exciting, full of life – all of it fiction, all of it fact!” Frankfurter Rundschau

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-04547-5
release: 28. December 2013
352 pages, Broschur


9,99 €
0,00 sFr
10,30 €

About the Author

Wolfgang Schorlau, lives and works as a freelance writer in Stuttgart. In 2006, he was awarded the German Crime Prize and in 2012 and 2014 the Stuttgart Crime Prize.

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