Sophie Passmann

Old White Men. An Attempt at Conciliation

Alte weiße Männer

Old White Men. An Attempt at Conciliation

At what point do you become an old white man? And might it be possible to avoid becoming one?

Sophie Passmann belongs to a new generation of young feminists – women who are proud, loud and independent. They want to become CEOs or housewives, have children or careers or both. And they have a bogeyman: the old white man – even though no one ever really told them what exactly the old white man is. One thing is for sure: He has power and doesn’t want to lose it at any cost. But Sophie Passmann wants certainty, not cheap punchlines, so she seeks out powerful men to talk to them about it: “Are you an old white man and, if so, why?” The resulting texts are among the smartest and also funniest you’re likely to find in these parts.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05246-6
release: 07. March 2019
288 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Sophie Passmann is 24 years old and has spent her early years participating in poetry slams, and later performed as a comedian and author. After studying political science and philosophy, she worked as a radio host at 1LIVE. She is also in the ensemble of the Neo Magazin Royale with Jan Böhmermann. Her texts and columns have appeared in NEON and ZEIT Magazin, among others. Her primary residence is the internet; on Instagram and Twitter she talks about everything that matters in her life: tinder, gin & tonic, the European Union, vegan pizza and the Middle East conflict. Gauging from her 90,000 or so followers on both platforms, she seems to be pretty good at it. She is very fond of Riesling and can’t play the piano at all.