Frank Goosen

No Wonder

Kein Wunder

No Wonder

An effervescently funny love story and a wonderful comedy about a time when there were more Germanies than necessary

Berlin,1989. Fränge is in his early 20s, enjoying life to the hilt. He has not just one, but two girlfriends: Marta in the West and Rosa in the East – and, naturally, neither one knows about the other. With good reason, he isn’t exactly eager for the political situation to change Things don’t get any easier when his friends Förster and Brocki come for a visit, because Rosa also upends various parts of Förster’s life.

The three friends experience two biotopes in their final months: the subculture of West Berlin, and the dissident scene in the East – young people like them, who are in the midst of planning their own big new start. But back home in the Ruhr district nothing is the way it used to be either. Film, music, clubs and bars – everything is young and on the move: ideal conditions for arguing about which world has more to offer: the old one deep in the West, or the one behind the wall at the other end of the country.

Kein Wunder is a warmhearted homage to a time when everything seemed possible and all hopes were pinned on new beginnings.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05254-1
release: 14. February 2019
352 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Frank Goosen has published a number of successful books, including Raketenmänner (“Rocket Men”), Sommerfest (“Summer Party”) and Liegen lernen (“Learning to Lie Down”) as well as countless short stories and columns in national publications and various anthologies. In addition, he has adapted some of his texts for one-man shows, with which he tours Germany. Several of his books have been dramatized or adapted for the screen. Frank Goosen lives with his wife and two sons in Bochum.