Frank Schätzing

News From an Unknown Universe

Nachrichten aus einem unbekannten Universum

News From an Unknown Universe

TV documentary based on the book broadcast in October 2010
Special illustrated hardcover edition published in Fall 2010

Over four and a half billion years of secret stories, powerful dramas, astonishing changes and unusual inventions such as photosynthesis or sex.

Frank Schätzing’s new book is a masterly description of the underwater universe – and how it will shape our future. Is the shark cruel because it eats man? Is man cruel because he eats oysters? Is the shark aware its victim is suffering when it cries out? Or does it take these cries to be a sign of the freshness of the goods it’s consuming, just as we benevolently watch an oyster jerk when we drizzle it with lemon?" Man and sea. An odd relationship, characterised by love and hate, romantic notions, curiosity and ignorance. How does this enormous system function, a system from which we originate but which we know less about than outer space? How could life come about in this primeval sea? Where did all the water come from? Why did evolution take this route rather than any other? It could just as easily have turned us into intelligent, liquid-filled air mattresses.

Frank Schätzing has written a book of non-fiction that is as exciting as his thriller Der Schwarm. With expertise and irony, Schätzing spans the big bang and the next 100,000 years, taking us into the unknown underwater universe, astounding, delighting and horrifying us. By the end of the book, we see the ocean through very different eyes.

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ISBN: 978-3-462-03690-9
release: 14. March 2006
528 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Frank Schätzing, born in 1957 in Cologne, studied communication, worked as a copywriter in international agencies (BMZ, DDB) and is the co-founder of the Cologne-based advertising agency Intevi. In the 90s, he began to write novellas and satires and in 1995 he published the historical novel Tod und Teufel which first became a regional and later a nationwide bestseller. After two more novels and a collection of short stories, in 2000 Lautlos was published, a political thriller about the 1999 world economic forum, which was praised in the press as “a dazzling snap-shot of the late millennium”. His national and international breakthrough came in the spring of 2004 with his novel Der Schwarm. Since its first publication more than 4.5 million copies have been sold and it was published in 26 countries. His latest thriller Breaking News was published in March 2014. Frank Schätzing lives and works in Cologne.