Toralf Staud, Johannes Radke

New Nazis: Beyond the NPD: Populists, Autonomous Nationalists and Terror from the Right

Neue Nazis

New Nazis: Beyond the NPD: Populists, Autonomous Nationalists and Terror from the Right

Clear and compact: a comprehensive overview of Germany’s extreme right, with practical tips for dealing with neo-Nazis

The whistle may have been blown on the National Socialist Underground terror cell, but people continue to underestimate the threat: the extreme right in Germany has become both more radicalized and more bourgeois, and the persistent debate about banning the National Democratic Party (NPD) is deflecting attention from what’s really happening. With the Autonomous Nationalists (AN), a young and extremely violent neo-Nazi current has emerged. Copying the pop-culture style of left-wing radicals and promising action, the AN is extremely popular with young people – and the right-wing music scene only adds to its appeal. More than once, AN followers have been caught preparing for terrorist attacks. At the most moderate edge of the scene, right-wing populists have grown increasingly powerful. Attempting to piggyback their Islamophobic ideas on national conservative and bourgeois positions, groups like “Pro Deutschland” (“Pro Germany”) and “Die Freiheit” (“Freedom”) are aspiring to become “the party of Sarrazin’s book.” It’s not unthinkable that the once dominant NPD might splinter between these two sides of the movement.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04455-3
release: 16. August 2012
272 pages, Broschur


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About the Authors

Toralf Staud, born in 1972, studied journalism and philosophy in Leipzig and Edinburgh. From 1998 to 2005, he was political editor at Die Zeit. He was editor-in-chief of Zeit’s web portal Currently, he works as a freelance journalist and author. KiWi and the German Federal Agency for Civic Education have published several editions of his books Moderne Nazis (Modern Nazis, 2005) and Das Buch gegen Nazis (The Anti-Nazi Book, with Hoger Kulick, 2009).

Johannes Radke was born in 1981 and studied politics and journalism in Berlin. Since 2003, he has been covering the right-wing fringe as a freelance journalist for Tagesspiegel and Zeit Online, among others, with a particular focus on the Autonomous Nationalists. In 2008, he was one of the founding editors of Zeit’s online portal He is in charge of Zeit’s online watch blog