Silke Burmester

Mother Blues. My Child Is Growing Up – and What’s to Become of Me?


Mother Blues. My Child Is Growing Up – and What’s to Become of Me?

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Ben is 17; next year, he’ll graduate from high school. Silke Burmester is Ben’s mother. Soon, her son will leave behind their shared nest. She thinks that’s great, as it should be, and yet it’s making her feel abysmal. She asks herself: Why am I having such a hard time with my child growing up?

It began at 14, because it was over at 14 – the bedtime stories and cuddly moments. Puberty ruled in the Burmester household, the child became an adult. And what about the mother? Ben is 17 now, about to finish school and soon after he’ll move out. He’s excited about what’s ahead. As is his mother, sort of: She’s happy for him, but not for herself. For her, the fact that Ben is growing up means loss, above all. Silke Burmester is forced to admit to herself: while her son is ready to set out, she isn’t. And she discovers that many women feel this way, many women suffer from the process of separating from their children – which, on top of it, often coincides with the parting themes of menopause. So why isn’t this an issue, why is it taking me so completely by surprise, she asks herself. And why does today’s generation of mothers find it particularly excruciating when their kids grow up?

Silke Burmester writes very personally, honestly and openly about a taboo topic: the pain mothers feel when their children stop being children.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04952-7
release: 08. September 2016
256 pages, Flexcover


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About the Author

Silke Burmester, born in 1966, is a journalist, columnist and author who writes about the media, culture and social policy for, among others, Süddeutsche Zeitung, SPIEGEL Wissen and manager magazin. In her column “Die Kriegsreporterin” (“The War Reporter”) in taz, she reports from the media frontlines every Wednesday.

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