Volker Kutscher, Kat Menschik


Volker Kutscher: Moabit


A new puzzle piece in the Gereon Rath universe

We first meet Charly in Moabit, when she’s still called Lotte and lives with her parents in a civil servants’ apartment near the Moabit prison. She has just graduated from Kleist academic high school – and this despite the fact that she comes from a modest background. Lotte savors her newly won freedom – at night especially, when she goes on secret escapades through Berlin’s dance clubs with her friend Greta. During the day, she learns to type and take shorthand because one thing is clear: she is going to have to pay her own way through university.
Charlotte’s father is a prison guard – a simple, honest man. Yet when it comes to the education, honor and manners of the apple of his eye, Lotte, his expectations are high. And Lotte is a daddy’s girl. It’s no wonder then that she isn’t left unaffected when, one day, her father gets caught up in a brutal assassination attempt at the Moabit prison. An incident that influences the rest of Charlotte’s life, ultimately turning Lotte into Charly.

Crime story with illustrations


ISBN: 978-3-86971-155-3
release: 05. October 2017
88 pages, Leinen


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About the Authors

Volker Kutscher was born in 1962. His crime novel series about Gereon Rath and Charly have been published in many countries and The Wet Fish is currently being adapted as a TV series under the title Babylon Berlin by Tom Tykwer

Kat Menschik is a freelance illustrator of growing renown. Numerous books illustrated by her have achieved cult status. Her garden book Der goldene Grubber was selected by the Stiftung Buchkunst as one of the 25 most beautiful books of 2014.

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