Moritz Rinke

Memories of the Present

Erinnerungen an die Gegenwart

Memories of the Present

Moritz Rinke buys himself a wedding suit and starts a revolution in Istanbul. He visits a retirement counselor with Christian Wulff, writes letters to Seehofer’s ex-girlfriend on his behalf and analyzes the government tool known as SMS. He roams through and chronicles our modern world, and discovers farce as a higher form of society. He meets the second man on the moon, has a good time with Max Frisch in a no-tell motel, watches Hölderlin on German talk shows and shoves Mozart into the iCloud.

Clever and articulate, witty and touching, Moritz Rinke takes reality into account in his texts, finds the tyranny of the moment everywhere he looks and sees fiction as the only opportunity for reflection and survival.

“Moritz Rinke’s stories and portraits captivate with their sharpness, their charm and their wit.” Die Zeit



ISBN: 978-3-462-04611-3
release: 08. March 2014
224 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Moritz Rinke was born in 1967 in Worpswede. His reports, stories and essays have been awarded many prizes. His play “Republik Vineta” (“The Republic of Vineta”) was selected as the best German-language play in 2001 and adapted for the big screen in 2008. In summer 2002, the Worms Festival featured the world premiere of Rinke’s retelling of the Nibelungen. In the years that followed, it was seen by millions on the stage and on television. His play “Café Umberto” is part of some school curricula. In 2010, his debut novel, Der Mann, der durch das Jahrhundert fiel (“The Man Who Fell Through the Century”), was published and became a bestseller. His most recent publication was Also sprach Metzelder zu Mertesacker (“Thus Spoke Metzelder to Mertesacker”). His new play, “Wir lieben und wissen nichts” (“We Love and Know Nothing”), is one of the most successful dramas to have been written in recent years and has been performed on over 30 stages. Moritz Rinke lives and works in Berlin.