Vea Kaiser

Makarionissi or The Island of the Blessed

Makarionissi oder Die Insel der Seligen

Makarionissi or The Island of the Blessed

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Prize of the Ravensburger Verlag Foundation 2015
Recommended by New Books in German

Is it easier to be happy or unhappy?

It all begins in a village on the Albanian-Greek border that has been torn asunder by war – with a grandmother and matchmaker par excellence who will spare no intrigue to ensure the survival of her family. And with the clever, stubborn, argumentative Eleni and her cousin Lefti, who longs for nothing more than peace. Inseparable as children, the two are all the more divided as adults. And yet they can never escape each other.

From Greece to Lower Saxony, from the 1950s to the present day: In her new novel, Vea Kaiser uses her unique voice to tell the story of one family’s pursuit of happiness and the disasters that result, of would-be heroes and heartbreakers. And of the kind of true love one encounters more than once.

With captivating tragicomedy, a tender eye for details and a furious passion for weaving tales, Vea Kaiser follows the story of an unforgettable family that had to be torn apart in order to find each other again. A novel about enduring longing and loneliness, about new beginnings, eternal sand castles and the beauty of life.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04742-4
release: 11. May 2015
464 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Vea Kaiser was born in 1988 and studied Ancient Greek in Vienna. Her debut novel Blasmusikpop was honored in 2013 as the best German-language debut at the International Festival du Premier Roman in Chambéry and nominated for the Aspekte Literature Prize. She was a writer in residence at Bowling Green State University in the summer semester of 2014. That same year, she was named author of the year in Austria. Rights to her debut have been sold to the Czech Republic, France and the Netherlands.