Gil Ribeiro

Lost in Fuseta – White Cargo (Leander Lost 3)

Weiße Fracht

Lost in Fuseta – White Cargo (Leander Lost 3)

#1 Spiegel Bestseller

The third case for Leander Lost, the German inspector with Asperger’s on loan to the Portuguese police

Two people – seemingly unconnected to each other at first – are suddenly murdered, stumping Leander Lost’s team. As if this was not enough, Lost is confused in matters of love. Soraia Rosado’s kiss at the airport of Faro has deeply unsettled him. Is it really possible that she loves him? Him? A guy with Asperger’s? His colleague Carlos Esteves’ romantic advice isn’t necessarily helpful and so Lost has to solve the case while dealing with romantic matters that for him are an even greater mystery.

Crime Novel


ISBN: 978-3-462-05268-8
release: 11. April 2019
400 pages, Flexcover


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16,50 €

About the Author

Gil Ribeiro, born in Hamburg in 1965, ended up on the Algarve completely by chance during a journey across Europe in 1988 and immediately fell in love with the warmth and hospitality of the Portuguese. In his German life, for years Gil Ribeiro (aka Holger Karsten Schmidt) has been one of the most successful German screenplay writers. Holger Karsten Schmidt lives and works in Asperg.