Kathrin Schmidt

laundry room of cool things

waschplatz der kühlen dinge

laundry room of cool things

Kathrin Schmidt’s poems are so smart, linguistically inventive and sensuous that you want to read each one out loud.

Kathrin Schmidt invites us on poetic journeys: to out-of-the-way, often tongue-twisting places like Los Guachimontonesor Paleski Radyaytsina-Ekalagichny. But her poems are also journeys into language itself. For, time and again, Schmidt takes the measure of and passes through a place, looks closely, interprets and reinterprets.

With Schmidt, a poem is a medium of surprise, in which every line break releases unexpected meanings. Archaic word-stock is carefully recovered and interlinked with terms from the present, making sparks fly. These texts go all out and delve far below the surface – all the way to the “earth cortex.” But they always remain so inviting, humorous and astute that you’re happy to go along for the ride, even to the remotest areas.

“A fireworks display of linguistic invention, phonetic delight and sometimes aggressive, sometimes dance-like sound. [...] Sheer verbal voluptuousness.” – Joachim Sartorius on Kathrin Schmidt’s poetry



ISBN: 978-3-462-05091-2
release: 08. March 2018
96 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Kathrin Schmidt, born in Gotha in 1958, has worked as a psychologist, editor and social scientist. She has received numerous awards for her literary work, including the 1993 Leonce and Lena Prize and the Christine Lavant Prize and the German Book Prize for her novel Du stirbst nicht (“You’re Not Going to Die”). Other works by her include the novel Die Gunnar-Lennefsen-Expedition, the collection of poems Blinde Bienen. Gedichte (“Blind Bees”), the short story collection Finito. Schwamm drüber (“Let Bygones be Bygones”) and the novel Kapoks Schwestern (“Kapoks Sisters”).

Rights to her books have been sold to Belarus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain.

Further titles by the author:
Blinde Bienen (Blind Bees)
Die Gunnar-Lennefsen-Expedition (The Gunnar Lennefsen Expedition)
Du stirbst nicht (You're Not Going to Die)
Finito. Schwamm drüber (Let Bygones be Bygones)
Go-In der Belladonnen (Go-In of the Belladonnas)
Kapoks Schwestern (Kapok's Sisters)
Königs Kinder (King's Children)
Seebachs schwarze Katzen (Seebach's Black Cats)