Helge Schneider

Klaus, the Orang-utan

Orang Utan Klaus

Klaus, the Orang-utan

"The first time I was in France, the capital of Paris, I was sitting at one of those delicious street cafés that have a glass roof like a display cabinet, where you can sit and look up through the roof and see the sky. It was beautiful day in May, the sky had chosen the colour blue to impress us. The flowers in the vases were blooming as hard as they could…"

This is the start of Helge Schneider’s famous Paris story which he has related to concert audiences between songs in bizarre and crazy variations over and over again. The narrator enjoys his coffee which, as we know, is “fried upright in a pan” in France, and allows his story machine to whir on endlessly.

If you know Helge Schneider, you’ll know his surreal stories: There are hundreds of them: Klaus, the Orang-utan, The Whale’s Contact Lenses, Sweden Holiday, stories about visits to the zoo, the warming of the Earth’s crust, married life, an expedition to the North Pole and shovelling snow.

Now at last we have the book of his best stories from the past 30 years, beautifully illustrated by the master of drawing, Helge Schneider himself.



ISBN: 978-3-462-04833-9
release: 17. August 2015
288 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Helge Schneider, author, musician and clown, was born in 1955 in the Ruhr region. He performs regularly on stages around the country and never ceases to surprise his fans with new ideas. He has also written ten books which have been published in the KiWi pocket book series.