Klaus Modick

Keyserling's Secret

Keyserlings Geheimnis

Keyserling's Secret

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A magnificent Künstlerroman about love and betrayal, a social scandal and fin-de-siècle bohemia

Lake Starnberg, summer 1901: playwright Max Halbe has invited his friends from the Schwabing district of Munich for a country escape. Eduard von Keyserling – outsider, aristocratic dandy and poet of European renown, is joining them and agrees to pose for the painter Lovis Corinth. The portrait will depict the Baltic count as downright fascinatingly ugly and will become legendary. During the sittings, Corinth repeatedly attempts to make Keyserling confess the truth about the rumors that circulate about his student years, but only gets evasive replies.
Shortly after, Keyserling’s obscure past catches up with him when attending a concert with Frank Wedekind. The beautiful singer immediately strikes him as familiar. Could this be the woman who got him embroiled in the scandal that forced him to flee to Vienna over 20 years ago and made him a persona non grata in aristocratic circles?

With empathy and a great deal of wit, Modick tells the story of how an outsider became the brilliant writer who depicted the dissolution of his own class with melancholy and shrewd irony.

Klaus Modick’s bestseller Konzert ohne Dichter (“Concert without a Poet”) sold more than 150.000 copies and was translated into Czech, French and Italian.



ISBN: 978-3-462-05156-8
release: 08. March 2018
240 pages, gebunden mit SU


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About the Author

Klaus Modick, born in 1951, wrote his doctorate on Lion Feuchtwanger and has worked, among other things, as a lecturer and copywriter. Since 1984, he has been a freelance writer and translator. Modick has received numerous awards, including the Nicolas Born Prize, Bettina von Arnim Prize and Rheingau Literature Prize. He has also been a fellow at the Villa Massimo. His books include among others Das Grau der Karolinen (“The Gray of the Caroline Islands”), Der kretische Gast (“The Cretan Guest”), Ein Bild und Tausend Worte (“A Picture and A Thousand Words”) and Konzert ohne Dichter (“Concert Without A Poet”).

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