Susanne Klingner

I’ve Made This Myself. 365 Days, 2 Hands, 66 Projects

Hab ich selbst gemacht

I’ve Made This Myself. 365 Days, 2 Hands, 66 Projects

DIY is back with a vengeance – but with a completely different image: DIY stores are airing wacky commercials, urban gardening is taking over from allotments – and suddenly, everyone’s swapping jam recipes on the internet. What’s going on? Why’s the entire planet suddenly so passionate about hammering, gardening, knitting and cooking?

Journalist Susanne Klingner tries her own hand at DIY. She wants to find out what’s so fascinating about manual work and why everyone’s suddenly so keen on the simple life. Over a period of twelve months, she tries to do as many jobs as possible herself, and she keeps a journal of her experiences: she makes cheese and soap, sews cocktail dress and bakes Christmas cake, makes shoes and toothpaste, tries her hand at gardening, as well as painting and decorating.

This is a book about a new trend and the first extensive personal report – funny and creative, including plenty of tips and the best Christmas cake recipe in the world. An intensive, fascinating, insightful and exceptionally entertaining year – for both author and readers!



ISBN: 978-3-462-04285-6
release: 19. May 2011
336 pages, Broschur


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About the Author

Susanne Klingner, born in 1978, studied politics and journalism in Leipzig and completed an internship with the taz. She works as a freelance journalist in Munich for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and SZ-Magazin, Der Freitag and taz, among others. She is founder of the feminist web blog In 2008, she wrote “Wir Alphamädchen” (with Meredith Haaf and Barbara Streidl). This was followed in 2010 by “Pärchenabend forever”, which she wrote with Bastian Obermayer.